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First steps...

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By Erica Leggett

It is nice to finally be posting something! With the appointment of a new teaching staff at the beginning of the year, myself included, there has been plenty to learn and the curve has been steep! The ball was rolling as our three classroom school had a mimio interactive whiteboard introduced into every class at the end of Term One. We were involved in a number of workshops with the Mimio Technician and spent Term Two "playing" with these. We now have a new junior teacher on board so have tried to share what we know with her - it has been great looking at how each teacher has used them thus far, however, we still don't believe we are using them as well as we could/should be.

The Thinking Tools workshops with Lyn have been fabulous but with a new teacher onboard we are just about to get through the second workshop! It has been frustrating loosing momentum of this so have set it as a real focus for the beginning of this term...finger crossed! Being all new we discovered that the school had done some work already around what thinking tools they wanted the children to know about - it was a great starting point and created some interesting discussions around what was important.