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The Big Shake

The 4.1 earthquake in Hastings at 10am today created opportunity for our students to recount an interesting experience.

We are learning to make our stories interesting by using a plan, 5Ws and an H and adjectives.

Today we are also signing in to the group. What fun and games! I got in by fluke.I have decided that throughout this learning process you can be a have or a have not in the press of a button/key.


  • Charlie Hape

    My first blog post on the VLN. Ka Pai.

  • Diane Mills

    I love it Charlie - you are so right!  I read in the paper about the earthquake, that must have given you all a fright.  It would be great if the children were able to share their stories with others - have you looked at the Quad blogging group in the VLN.  By joining up with this group, your students get to share blog posts with students the same age, but in other centres in NZ. Nau mai, haere mai!

  • Charlie Hape

    Kia ora Dianne. thanx for that.  i have put 2 kids' stories about the earthquake and photos of them under the table, on our class blog tonite. I will have a nosey at Quad blogging. At this stage I have decided to explore everything by clicking on all the group buttons on the left of this page and see where i end up.