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e-Learning Round-Up | 18 June 2013

Tēnā koutou, talofa lava, and welcome to the second fortnightly round up for June 2013.

You might be interested in joining us in tomorrow's webinar:


 Cool WEBINAR: Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective: Wednesday 19 June, 3.45-4.45pm. Join Tui Yeager, Principal of Te Kura o Matapihi as she shares her story about keeping whānau and iwi connected, informed and encouraged to participate, with school. This webinar will look at ways to foster home/school partnerships through, with and about e-learning. REGISTER NOW

If you miss tomorrows event you can still access the recording afterwards and view other webinar recordings.

Looking forward to ‘seeing you online’ this term - hei konā mai,

KarenTessa & Catriona |  Blended e-Learning Online Team


Badge for e-Member of the WeekThis fortnight's e-member of the week is each and every one of you!
We made 10,000 community members this week - what a great achievement!
We thank you all for getting involved and sharing your stories in recent conversations across the VLN/Enabling e-Learning community groups.
Each fortnight, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. Look out for these announcements in the coming weeks.


 red spiral logo Leadership & strategic direction

 TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning via the Enabling e-Learning website.


Professional Learning yellow logo Professional Learning  



TKI logoCheck out e-Learning & Professional Learning>>the Enabling e-Learning website and in particular, the latest Reflections - VPLD hui 2012 video on the Virtual Professional Learning and Development programme (VPLD) page. 



Teaching logo Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship


  • Mix and Mash competition. Looking for ways to offer creative pathways towards learning in secondary? Check out this year's Mix and Mash Competition.
  • Our young scientists. Thanks to Sonya for capturing these great scientific explanations and reflections by students. 
  • General comments about LEARNZ. Tracy Phillips has used LEARNZ for the first time this term and she is certainly hooked, as are her Year 4 class, as is Sue Hodge. Have you signed up for a virtual field trip yet?
  • Writing Tools. Marnel van der Spuy adds a collection of quality apps designed to help young children develop their skills at handwriting, sentence construction, or planning and drafting a story. Do you have more resources you could share?

Interested in conversations about our priority learners?


  • Todd Rose and the myth of the average learner. Chrissie Butler introduces us to Todd Rose. He's worth getting to know, especially if you have a passion for making learning work for everyone in your classroom.  Let us know, what you think about the video and how it might impact on what you do in the classroom.
  • Matariki. A wealth of resources to support you as you teach and learn about Matariki - The Māori New Year. 
  • Inclusive mihi. Chrisse Butler shares how she has come to realise the importance of signing as well as saying her mihi. You might also like to share some of your thoughts about how we can learn togther to introduce signing into our introductions and welcomes. 
  • Pasifika Languages 2013. Togi Lemanu shares an interesting documentary on the Tagata Pasifika programme talking about Pasifika languages in New Zealand schools and how Pasifika communities are looking at ways of retaining their Pasifika language. Your responses are welcomed.
  • Ten reasons for inclusion. Melanie Krinkel shares her surprise in finding that while around 80% of NZ schools are practising inclusion, 20% aren't. How do you feel about these statistics?
  • UDL, access and creativity. Where the means to participate isn't a barrier. Where technology coupled with ingenuity gives anyone a chance to participate and contribute. This is UDL in action.

imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching>>> the Enabling e-Learning website and the latest videos from Parkvale school as they provide opportunities for personalised learning with their 1:1 netbook programme. You can find these the new school stories on the English and e-learning page on Enabling e-Learning.



Green swirly logo Technologies & Infrastructure

WEBINAR RECORDING: What does effective e-learning pedagogy and UFB look like?  

  • In this webinar, Janice Gulbransen from Nayland Primary school, shared the journey of ultra-fast broadband in her school. Janice talked about leadership challenges and ways to support staff as they model effective e-learning pedagogy and innovative practice in the classroom. This webinar is also supported by a blog postWhat changes when you get ultra-fast broadband?

Can you help?

For other techie advice and shared experiences - Check out the following threads:

  • Teacher dashboards. Andrew de Wit has been using Hapara and Google teacher dahboard and finding it excellent. 

  • Research apps. Two things I teach my kids for researching are... For this and other great suggestions on using research tools check out this thread.
App Sharing. 



TKI logoCheck out e-Learning and Technologies on the Enabling e-Learning website.


Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo  Beyond the Classroom


WEBINAR 19 June, 2013: Engaging with whānau and the wider community - a kura perspective.

TODAY!  Wednesday 19 June, 3.45-4.45pm, Guest presenter, Tui Yeager, Tumuaki of Te Kura o Matapihi will be sharing her kōrero about how their school encourages wānau, hapu and iwi to be involved in life at kura - through face to face and digital opportunities.

This is just some of the story. Come and join Tui, in our FREE online Webinar. Ask questions and feel free to share your own kōrero as well. We’d love to see you there, Noho ora mai.

TKI logoCheck out Beyond the Classroom on the Enabling e-Learning website.


CalendarFor your calendar...

EEL logo Enabling e-Learning events


New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ

  • EduCampNZ: Events happening all over NZ. Check out one near you - or start one yourself!
  • WEBINAR: The Virtue of Virtual Fieldtrips (LEARNZ) 19 Jun 2013 3.30 -4.30
    Barrie Matthews (Learnz) will facilitate this session (with Vicki also sharing some of her experiences.The session will cover the benefits of Virtual Fieldtrips looking at pedagogies, and will encourage participants to consider opportunities for students with SEN - due in part to the virtual nature of the trip.
  • Unconference webinar. 3 July 2013. Want to be inspired with some e-learning examples/ideas/top tips? It's your turn to share in our unconference webinar: 

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