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eLearning Round-up | 1 August 201

Welcome back to Term 3! Here's this week's round-up of elearning goodness from across the VLN Communities.


eMember of the week

Each week we'll profile someone who has made a valuable contribution to our eLearning community. This week, it's....

  • Carolyn Stuart: Carolyn is the Principal of Tawa Intermediate, and has recently shared her views on how leaders can manage the issue of access to technology in the eLearning: Leadership group.



Group of the week

  • Wikispaces for education: A new group, started by Marielle Lange, to share ways to use Wikispaces for Education in our schools and share our resources.



A sneak peek: eLearning on the VLN



Upcoming Events

  • EduCamp Auckland - 6 August: An unconference where the focus is on e-learning and education, sharing ideas we've discovered, and learning from each other.


Teaching and Learning

  • PISA Study: Digital readers at the age of 15: A summary of findings from the PISA report that measured students’ abiity to read digital text. Plus a great animated video to explain PISA! (eLearning: Teaching group)

  • eLearning ICT showcases: An Australian resource that includes exemplars aligned to different aspects of elearning practice. Shared by Tessa Grey.



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