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Pink Shirt Day--Raising the Awareness to Prevent Bullying

Pink Shirt Day is a national campaign aimed to raise awareness about the power to prevent bullying. Pink Shirt Day aims to reduce bullying by celebrating diversity and promoting the development of positive social relationships. An annual event celebrated throughout New Zealand and the world, Pink Shirt Day helps to create a New Zealand where all people feel safe, valued and respected.

The event began in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 2007, when a group of students stood up to defend a young person who was bullied because he was wearing a pink shirt. The students took a stand by all wearing pink shirts to show solidarity, and handing out pink shirts to their classmates.

New Zealand has been celebrating Pink Shirt Day since 2009, and the event grows stronger every year. This year, a range or people and organisations have come together to help organize and celebrate Pink Shirt Day.

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