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Minecraft and special ed.

Hi people. Thought I would start the ball rolling. I have a student who has special needs. He can't read or write but sa an activity I get him to create objects on minecreaft. I might get him to build a train ten he has to explain to me how he it built it or he may comment about how he feels about it. I then write it down and he copies on to book creator with his minecraft train inserted as a picture from the camerea roll. Once he has typed it out we print it. He glues his picture of a train into his book and handwrites his text underneath. Has been very successful way to get a reluctant learner, reader, writer to engage with literacy.

Go minecraft!!


  • Caroline Bush

    Thanks for that comment Justin , what an incredibly powerful way to engage learning. I hadn't thought about it as a vehicle for working with special needs learners more as a way to engage the capable but hard to engage which I guess is another 'special learning need'

    I am loving the potential of Minecraft now I really need to get my head around the how to.

  • justin hickey

    I know what you mean about the "how to'. I am using gaming extensively in my writing. I find it a great way to engage my students. Agood way to incorporate minecraft into writing is by way of procedural texts. Set the group a building task ( I am getting my students to build a famous landmark as part of their topic unit on South East Asia) and then have them explain the procedure for building it. I have them imagine they are writing instructions for a younger class who dont know how to use minecraft. The buy in from students is great.

    Feel free to ask for any other tips as I am using other games such as "machinarium" (ipad app) to stimulate writing narratives.

    All the best,