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App-titude: Apps for High Schoolers with Autism

This is an article written by Sean Sweeney in the ASHA Leader, an online resource that serves the community involved with young people who experience speech, language and hearing challenges.  ASHA stands for the American Speech Language Hearing Association.  Sean Sweeney is a Speech Language Pathologist and technology specialist working in private practice at the Ely Center in Newton, Massachusetts, and consultant to local and national organizations on technology integration in speech and language interventions.

The article gives some app ideas around language and assisting socialisation with young people who experience Autism Spectrum Condition.  

App-titude:  Apps for High Schoolers with Autism


  • Hazel Owen

    Thanks for sharing, Patrick Cool I went and had a good read of the article, and, while it felt as though many of the tools and strategies shared would be really useful, I wondered - what the students who are on the autism spectrum are already doing with apps? What are they already using? What do they think of the apps recommended in this article? And, is there research around the efficacy for students of using such apps? (Sorry - a lot of questions ;-). 

  • Patrick Pink

    Kia ora, Hazel,

    I agree wholeheartedly!  It would be great to dialogue with learners who experience Autism Spectrum Conditions and find out what tools are actually being shared and used and are they successful or not.  And why?  Do these tools contribute and foster access and connection?  And are there other tools?  Like you, it leads to more questions.  I feel a research inquiry developing...