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Webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story | Enabling e-Learning event

Yesterday (March 27), Josie Woon graciously spent some time sharing her classroom practice with us in the LIVE webinar: Using mobile technologies in a junior classroom - one teacher's story

This story really got to the heart of the matter – where Josie shared her journey about using iPads to help improve her student's literacy skills - such as handwriting, reading comprehension and confidence with oral literacy (English and Te Reo).

Josie also shared some practical systems (rotation/cycles) and processes that have enabled all her students to access educational apps on mobile tablets to support their learning.


So what were the benefits?


As well as increases in motivation and engagement in learning, Josie's students showed improved self-regulated learning behaviors - as well as improved outcomes in many areas of literacy.

Why not download the recording of this session and play this back to find out for yourselves.


Key trends and themes:


Themes emerging from Josie's story are reminiscent of the key trends found in the paper, Supporting future-oriented learning & teaching — a New Zealand perspective, NZCER [Report to the Ministry of Education].

Theme 1: Personalising learning
Theme 2: New views of equity, diversity and inclusivity
Theme 3: A curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity
Theme 4: “Changing the script”: Rethinking learners’ and teachers’ roles
Theme 5: A culture of continuous learning for teachers and educational leaders
Theme 6: New kinds of partnerships and relationships: Schools no longer siloed from the
Subthemes: New technologies and collaborative practices and the role of current and emerging technologies