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We have just moved our school to Google Apps over the Christmas break and installed wireless school-wide. Naturally we wanted to start making best use of our new tools and so looked to get a class set of Chromebooks as we felt that they would be a natural fit with our new Google accounts.

Our first hurdle came in actually getting the Chromebooks. It seems Samsung (who were the only manufacturers of Chromebooks at the time of ordering) weren't overly interested in selling Chromebooks to the NZ market as it took months for them to get our order shipped.

Our second hurdle has been getting some charging trolleys for the Chromebooks. As we can only find one company that makes them and they only make them for the US. Our supplier has been in constant talks with both Google and the manufacturer of the charging trolleys to try and get them to provide the NZ/AUS market with them. We are now looking into some generic trolley's in the hopes we can find one that will fit the dimensions of our Chromebooks.

Lastly, the centralised management functionality is missing as Google only provides it to customers who buy their Chromebooks directly from them. Which we can't do in NZ as Google won't sell directly to us. So after a bit of research I have found out that customers who bought their Chromebooks from other retailers can buy the centralised management features from Google but Google does not seem to be very good at advertising this fact or even providing instruction on how to go about paying for it.

So once we have some charging trolley's sorted and our centralised management features in place, I will report back on how well our new Chromebooks integrate into our school environment.