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Establishing a 21st C environment within the confines of current buildings

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By Gaylene Comments (1)

We have a 2 storey building with 8 classrooms- 5 of which ar eused as classes, 1 for library, 1 as wharenui, and 1 for small gropus/ reading recovery/ computer suite. 

I wish to take us into 21st C environments accepting the constraints that ar eimposed on us- load bearing walls so can't open up between rooms etc.

Is there anywhere in the wider Wellington area that has used existing buildings (under similar constraints) to provide exciting environments for their students? I would love to visit- getting an overview of what is possible will help avaoid costly mistakes (I hope). Thanks


  • Mark Osborne

    Great question and I hope someone in Wellington can help you Gaylene. One of the big challenges we face is that many of us want modern learning environments but we're not in a position to rebuild or even push through walls.

    I wonder if making use of larger spaces (like libraries or drama rooms) to prototype this kind of learning (even for a couple of hours a day) might be useful. It would enable you to combine classes and make use of the power of team-teaching and give you more options when it comes to groupwork.