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TOP TIP Number 1

Engaging with Pasifika parents:

With your new classes, target one Pasifika student everyday, engage them in conversation.  

Observe how they do in class, keep some rough notes on their willingness to learn, interaction with others and how they responded to the lesson content.  

At the end of the week - call the parents of each Pasifika learner - and give a brief rundown of how their child got on.  Provide positive feedback to the parent, and use this opportunity to ask the parent for any specific things they want you to be aware of in terms of their child's learning.

ACTION PLAN: Report back to our group - how did you get on?

Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

We look forward to hearing from you about any burning questions that you have so we can work together in order to raise the achievement of our Pasifika learners