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Time to start BYOD in your school

BYODAs we enter the holiday period, here's an interesting blog post to reflect on in terms of why we ought to be considering working towards a future where each child has her/his own device to  work with/on at school - and beyond. 

Titled, why it's time to start BYOD in your school, the writer makes the case for why BYOD may actually be the driver for a transformation in our education system. He finishes with:

BYOD then, could be seen as evolution. The push between what technology can offer and what society demands is caught in a cycle of growth and innovation. In twenty years’ time, the technological concept and the realisation will be very different. It has happened before and it will happen again. As we look to the future and as we develop smarter technologies, we must also align our attitudes and behaviours. If we don’t do anything, the next generation will by stifled by schools and they will become the barriers which we work so hard to remove.

As we reflect on all that has been achieved in our schools in 2012, I think this post provides a provocation for taking things a step further - and provides an example from which we might develop our own articulation of why we think BYOD is important.