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Asnet Support

Robert Bryson - Asnet Technologies

Robert Bryson from ASNET technologies was guest at our monthly VLNC meeting today. Bob talked about VC support for NZEdNetwork which is our video conferencing bridge. He discussed some of the recent problems that have occurred on the network this year, with more schools accessing the bridge over the open internet (and not from inside SchoolZone). This has reduced the Quality of Service for some calls (you are only as good as your weakest link). 

It is still uncertain at this stage what will happen with this network with the advent of N4L and how we will connect with schools currently on our network as they go into the N4L, though the long term goal is to have a High Definition network for all. 

Bob reminded us to make sure all our staff understood how to contact the Asnet Help desk 0800 7659266 option 2 and to make sure you get a job number quote whether calling or emailing. If there are problems they need to know in real time preferably or as soon as possible afterwards so they can followup. Some support documentation (FAQs) will be distributed to schools early next year when pin numbers are requested for new classes, please ensure that all teachers and students using VC have access to this. 

Finally some stats: This year there have been 3986 calls made to the Help Desk, this amounts to 218 hours, of these 1862 calls were logged. There are now 437 end points on the VC bridge (32 new this year), we have grown from the original 82 starting out.

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