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I shared the powerpoint used in our breakout by Suzie Vesper - embedded here: http://digistore.wikispaces.com/Support+Guides

Join the Digistore group on the VLN here, it will replace the wiki eventually:  /groups/profile/724225/using-digistore

The most difficult part is actually logging in! Whereas we used to have a whole school login, now each teacher needs to apply for their own individual Education Sector login. You need to have your school MOE number and your own Teacher Registration number.  This page on the Digistore VLN group shows the steps to registration:  /groupcms/view/724228/accessing-digistore

There are is a subject catalogues link on the VLN sidebar but I suspect it's not all transfered over yet. The wiki has them here: http://digistore.wikispaces.com/learning_areas

There are so many learning objects (the "games" the children like!) and digital images, sound and video files and the key is on the third slide: "The learning objects available within Digistore use multimedia to engage, are based on authentic contexts and have been specifically designed for New Zealand and Australian schools." (from Suzie Vespers presentation)

The best thing to do is register then get in there and explore!