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e-Learning Round-Up | 20th November 2012

Tēnā koutou and welcome again to this week's e-Learning Round-Up.

As the year races away and we all get caught up in Christmas pagents, Prizegivings and End of Year Reporting, it is heartening to see so many of you still posting regularly, contributing to the discussions and sharing your resources, tips and opinions so freely online. It is true that The Season of Giving is alive and well in the VLN.

Last few days for you to tell Karen what you think of the VLN as a space for you to learn @ http://bit.ly/RdCvA7.

Have a great week everyone - hei konā mai,

KarenTessa & Catriona |  Blended e-Learning Online Team



  Badge for e-Member of the WeekThis week, it's congratulations to... David Barry. David has been contributing his thoughts to the NAPP discussion around e learning leadership in schools.

Each week, we like to say thank you by nominating a community member for active participation in the Enabling e-Learning / VLN Groups. They can download and add an Enabling e-Learning badge to their profile.



red spiral logoLeadership & strategic direction

  • Strategic plan examples: Community members make observations about the theory behind the need for strategic planning, while others share examples of what this can look like in practice. Do you have strategic planning examples to share?
  • Have you used the e-Learning Planning Framework?Megan Clotworthy shares "It has been helpful for our school as we plan to embark on a challenging journey of professional development in elearning next year."  Do you have your own stories to share?
  • E-Learning Leadership: Greta Van Zyl talks about the importance of having a vision that looks the future and what it is going to mean to be a true 21st learner, a learner who adapts to new learning and is able to manage themself. Do you agree? Join this thread.

TKI logoCheck out Leadership and e-Learning via the Enabling e-Learning website.



Professional Learning yellow logoProfessional Learning  



TKI logoCheck out e-Learning & Professional Learning>>the Enabling e-Learning website.



Teaching logo Teaching and Learning  |  Digital Citizenship 




imageCheck out e-Learning and Teaching>>> the Enabling e-Learning website.




Green swirly logoTechnologies & Infrastructure

  • eBooks programmes in schools: Allanah King created a 'how to' last week that you maybe interested in. It explains how you can embed Kindle previews of books on your blog or website and Karen reminds us that Google Books is another useful source, as is Project Gutenberg. 
  • eBooks programmes in schools:  There is also some useful advice from the National Library on the issues, management and sources of e-books.
  • Scribble Press Problems: Robyn Wood is having trouble with scribble press freezing and wonders if anyone else has had this trouble and has a fix for it?

Bring your own devices (BYOD)


  • Office: Gerard Macmanus asks if we should load Microsoft Office on Mobile BYOD devices? What are others thoughts on the matter?
  • Office Software and BYOD Mike Etheridge responds with considerations for web based applications, rather than particular pieces of software.


Mobile technologies


  • iPad - leasing or purchasing? Schools discuss their experience with leasing iPads versus buying them outright. Do you have experiences you could add?
  • iPad cases. Courtney shares a source for purchasing a rugged case for the iPad.
  • App Sharing:  Jillian Norrie has discovered Display Recorder, it records the screen and sound which is then easy to save in camera roll and use as a quicktime movie.
  • iPad mini: The first experiences of sharing this new technology in classrooms is shared in this link - what do the students think?
  • iPad set up tips:  Warren Grieve has uploaded a page containing a snaphot of the screen outlining a great way to setup iPads.
  • Limiting access on iPads: Michelle Simms teaches us about Guided access which is a neat way to limit use of the iPad to just the app you want students to use.


TKI logoCheck out e-Learning and Technologies on the Enabling e-Learning website.




Enabling e-Learning: Beyond the classroom swirl logo Beyond the Classroom


  • Keeping parents in the loop: Mark Osborne says "I'm interested to hear what people have done about communicating to parents the 'why' of BYOD as well as the 'what' and 'how'." Can you add your voice to this discussion? 


TKI logoCheck out Beyond the Classroom on the Enabling e-Learning website.



CalendarFor your calendar...

EEL logoEnabling e-Learning events


  • Enabling e-Learning webinars: Find the recordings here for 2011/2012 sessions you may have missed, including Using Digital resources, Digital learning spaces, BYOD, social media and ethics for teachers, LEARNZ field trips and many more!


New Zealand mape-Learning events around NZ


  • Ignite Evenings, 28-29 November, in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.
  • Learning@School Roadshow 2013: 3-19 Apr 2013, Whangarei, New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Napier, Gisborne, Nelson, Dunedin, Greymouth, Christchurch