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Developing information literacy skills as a foundation for learning

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By Kate Dare

At St James’ children are developing their information literacy skills as a foundation for learning. During the current inquiry, the children in the senior team have been developing and practising skills such as note-taking, skimming and scanning and key word searches using books, search engines and Google Custom Search. These skills have been developed cross-curricularly, through literacy and connected curriculum learning. Children have had these skills modelled and have had opportunities for regular practise. This term children have been recording and referencing their sources. Children’s ability to do this is varied; some children are at the stage where they are recording the book title, author or website address, where as some children are still just recoding 'book' or 'internet'. This is something that will need to be revisited and practised regularly, as with other information literacy skills, regular practise is essential for children to become efficient practitioners and be able to retain these skills as life-long learners.