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Increasing student-centred teaching and Learning in 7/8 through Windows Live Movie Maker

I have just completed writing a set of students' friendly documentation of Windows Live Movie Maker in preparation for an ICT project for term 3. Looking forward to a bunch of excited students who will film and edit a project, which will then be showcased to the staff at Baradene. 


  • Enabling e-Learning

    This is really interesting, Denise. Lots of possibilities hereLaughing. Keep us informed about how your project goes in term 3.

    I have profiled your post in this week's eLearning Round-up | 18 July 2011 > http://bit.ly/q5RDTv - thanks for sharing your expertise and experiences. Koia kei a koe!Cool


  • Denise Camilleri

    Thanks for the support Karen - I am starting coming Friday - the students are quite excited about it.

  • Denise Camilleri

    I have been having quite a few difficulties with this project - I was located in an area at school which had trouble accessing internet connection - which led to some reflection on the situation of 78 teachers working in this area. Quite frustrating - but hey using technology is not always easy.   A meeting was held with management the IT guys at schools are sorting this out. So we're back on Track and the students are getting very excited about this.

  • Simon Evans

    I've been delivering some PD on using WMM as this is what the staff were needing. I created a video to support the session, but i have to say, WMM is not the easiest video editing suite I'e come across.