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Stepping Into Other People's Shoes

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By Maria

Over the last week we have been refreshing the DATT tool O.P.V. (Other People's View). The staff have used this in a variety of ways.  In our Year 1/2 O.P.V. has been integrated into the instructional reading plan. One of the critical aspects of using the O.P.V. is to truly step into the character/person/persons shoes so you are looking from their point of view. This develops objectivity.  This skill was challenging for our younger students buy their teacher is persevering with this new skill.

Our Year 3/4 class used a visit from police officers and a police dog as the foundation for their O.P.V.  This teacher is skilled in using DATT and was able to combine this thinking with the Web 2.0 'spicynodes' http://marvelousmiddles.edublogs.org/2011/07/03/an-opv-of-karmas-visit-week-9/

Our Year 5/6 class used the book "The Twits" for their O.P.V.  The teacher had the students choose which character's shoes they would step into.  They were given the language to use in order the 'be' the character and worked in small groups to develop their O.P.V.  A couple of days later they revisited this by choosing another character and repeating the process.  

The thinking conversations in the staffroom and in our staff meetings have increased, seeing more reflective practice from our staff.  They are experience real success with each week and because of this are having the confidence to spread the wings and use the tools in a variety of places.  For our already trained teachers this refresher and consolidated the learning and teaching they have done.