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Graphic Organisers and School Thinking Curriculum development

    Yesterday's staff meeting was a good, focussed and in-depth 'wrap up' of the Thinking focus this term. As a staff we have put together a School Thinking Curriculum based on the topics and PD provided this term. It is still very much a working document however it is a great start and gives teachers a framework and formalised structure on which to direct 21st Century thinking and learning in our school. Rather than just say, "yep - we do Blooms, graphic organisers, hats..." etc, this gives scope and sequence to the way we teach thinking here at school. Knowledge and skills developed in the junior school set the foundations for higher order thinking, e-learning and inquiry to be developed in the senior school and hopefully that development can be seen in the graphic representations (links), particularly the blueprint which was developed directly by the junior and senior teams.

Developing our toolbox

SCS Thinking Framework

SCS Thinking Blueprint

SCS Thinking Toolbox

Feedback was also given on the facilitation of these meetings and the degree as to which teachers have felt empowered, supported and able to make changes in their teaching in order to integrate this more focused 21st C learning.