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Celebrating our amazing young kiwi achievers - email from Robyn Boswell

The following email came through the TKI gifted & talented community mail list. Robyn Boswell QSM, a colleague with the Te Toi Tupu GATE PLD contract and a facilitator for the NZC and Science PLD contracts, is the National Director for Future Problem Solving NZ. The Awards Ceremony for the International Finals was held in La Crosse Wisconsin in June this year and NZ teams came home with an amazing 13 trophies!! Robyn recently attended the National FPS finals and her excitement at the contribution that FPS graduates are making is contagious and heartening.

Robyn's email:

"I have just spent an amazing weekend with around 160 gifted young people at the National Future Problem Solving Finals. What a privilege! I will post the results soon.

As I told them all at the Awards ceremony, spending the weekend with them gives me faith that the future of NZ will be in great hands.

I was thrilled to be able to share with them the successes of some of our FPS alumni:
We have 3 ex-students on our National Admin Board - one is graduating as a Doctor next week, one has just graduated with a law degree and the other is just about to graduate as a teacher and has won a position at Diocesan School.

The young man who was the first student rep on our admin board and had outstanding success internationally as a student, coach (while he was in Yr 12 and 13) and evaluator, won a Girdler scholarship to Cambridge University, graduated last year and won a job in a top law firm in London and is now the chair of the inaugural UK Future Problem Solving Programme Board (he's 23!)

One of our evaluators, another ex-student in the programme apologized for not evaluating this weekend - he has just returned from the US where his team from Auckland University won the  3rd Lufthansa Case Challenge for innovation http://www.ebs.edu/11949.html?L=1

A few years back, a teacher from Nelson College ran some FPS training sessions for a school in Thailand. As a result of this, Thailand is at present setting up its own FPSP affiliate - another of our ex-coaches who is now teaching in Thailand is also involved with this. In one of the teams at the finals, we had an international exchange student - a young man from Thailand who started doing FPS over there, came to Nelson College for a year and made it to the NZ Finals!

Let's celebrate how well our gifted students are doing! All in all an exciting and successful weekend....even if there was very little sleep :)"