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Kumeroa Hopelands ULearn Reflection Notes

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By Jacqui Frost

Jason Ohler   Key Idea: Literacy - consuming and producing the media forms of the day, whatever they are.

The shift to media literacy as global communication, pictures speak thru languages.

Attitude is the aptitude (how much you love learning is the determinate your intelligence), therefore teachers can be door openers to the way that students learn best.

Stories lodge into the brain, lists don’t

  • Don’t let other’s concern stop great ideas. Turn concerns into goals.  Concerns are just negatively stated goals, turn them around.


Karen Melhuish   Key Idea: Sharing our learning, PD, etc What can we do better? What would work for each teacher?

Can I network and share beyond the photocopier?

How do we share our good tips, learning, etc?  Don’t wait until you are good at something to share it.  Be a teacher to all.

To what extent is our PD taking advantage of the technology opportunities that we have been given?

  • Project yourself beyond school – de-silo.  Seeing my teaching as a project and project yourself to help others and yourselves. See sharing as an obligation.


Chrissie Butler  Reaching all learners

Why do we reach some learners but not all?

Know your learner – do I know my learners well enough to engage them?

If you design a programme to be inclusive for all the first time instead of adapting to meet individual needs.

Ministry document: ‘Success for all’ website


Khoa-Do Keynote

Focus on what you have, not what you don’t.

Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t live your dream.

Kevin HoneyCutt Keynote


Be re-windable, record what you do, you don’t have to be great at it.  But be accessible and re-windable. 

If you teach it – let it matter.  How is what you teach relevant to your students? Does it matter to them?

 David Kinane  5 e-learning tools to capture student voice in a classroom

Embrace the chaos of multiple devices

Key questions become:

Does it have a Camera?

Does it have a Microphone?

Does it have Internet?

This showcased a variety of ways to capture student voice.


Annie Agnew

Goal Setting consisting of

  • What I value
  • What concerns me
  • What am I going to do


  • Help children to record their story so that they can capture their story and then write it.  Don’t let them lose their thought by using the process.
  • Don’t let the lack of resources stop you from creating.


Laetitia de Vries             Newsboard in a junior classroom

This was about empowering 5 year old’s to use video as a way to develop their oral language. Capturing their thoughts and successes in an authentic manner.


Glenn Capelli    Keynote

The creative power of collaboration

AIAI assume I am an idiot, teach it back to me, clarification

Tara Fagan and Tania Coutts          iPad 101

This was a hands-on learning workshop that explored features of an iPad and a great variety of applications designed to capture student’s imaginations and inspire learning in an engaged, purposeful manner.