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Lead Teachers U Learn Keynote Summary

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By Jacqui Frost

Jason Ohler 

Key Idea: Literacy - consuming and producing the media forms of the day, whatever they are.

  • Moblie/connected classrooms, opening the doors for students, making everywhere school.
  • Turn concerns into goals.
  • Art is the next R - turning our stories global
  • The shift to media literacy as global communication, pictures speak thru languages.
  • Attitude is the aptitude (how much you love learning is the determinate your intelligence), therefore teachers can be door openers to the way that students learn best.
  • Stories lodge into the brain, lists don’t
  • Don’t let other’s concern stop great ideas. Turn concerns into goals.  Concerns are just negatively stated goals, turn them around. 


A very inspriational speaker, has been able to achieve a lot regardless of many challenges.

  • Focus on what you have, not what you don’t.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t live your dream.


Kevin HoneyCutt 

  • Be re-windable, record what you do, you don’t have to be great at it.  But be accessible. 
  • If you teach it – let it matter.  How is what you teach relevant to your students? Does it matter to them?
  • Show children the reality they could have
  • Kick my butt with love, show them expect more
  • Relationships, treating the scariest kid like he is the only you trust
  • Work with the brains, don't be put off by the package
  • Try new things, don't wait until you at good at it.
  • Don't amputate their digital limbs.
  • If they are busy doing great things with technology they won't have time to do stupid thins.
  • Helping kids manage their devices not the devices managing them
  • Good teachers plant the seeds of trees that they may not sit in the shade of.

Glen Capelli

  • You have to have a philosophy, strategies and tools are fine but they have to work with your philosophy
  • Do want you do do well
  • Work out what you stand for and what you can't stand
  • Make sure your instructions are clear
  • Assume everyone is an idiot, make your instructions are very clear
  • Kaizen - Little bit by little bit big things grow, chunky down problems
  • Be an anablep - a fish with 4 eyes, two of top and two below.  Notice what is on top and under the surface.
  • There are talents inside of people they hadn't discovered yet, don't get trapped in your strenghts.
  • Collabrative learning.

See more on the U Learn site http://ulearn.core-ed.org/