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Year 9 Radio Assessment Task

It's exciting seeing year 9 students working as a team using audacity and other interactive software to create a radio station. They are now able to record their voices, edit any unnecessary information, import audio and save as MP3 folders.


  • Anne Sturgess

    Hi Denise, sounds wonderful. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action when I visit. The collection of comments in this blog will be incredibly useful when the next milestone report is due; not to mention, time-saving. I like being able to keep in touch with developments via the blog. Great work, Anne.

  • Denise Camilleri

    This project has now been completed and teachers have commented how having an e.learning teacher with them in the classroom during the actual teaching sessions has made the project easier. Students were quite excited hearing each others' projects and spent a considerable time outside classroom hours organising their little radio stations. Yay!!!