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ULearn12 Summary


Summary and Next steps/ideas

Jason Ohler - keynote

Key points summary - Be a door opener, Mobile / connected / Where’s school? – if you do it right you can make everywhere school, who’s teaching whom? – IMMERSED REALITY, art has practical place to play in literacy, Art the next R, Problem finders as well as solvers, Stories lodge info – lists of information don’t!   Refer to main notes for more detail. Turn concerns into goals. Concerns are just negatively stated goals! - remember this myself when dealing with negative input towards new ideas - management skill!

Introduce/integrate key ideas to staff


Paul Meers - iPads in Education pmears@firbank.vic.edu.au  

Key points summary - iPad not a replacement for PCs, Victorian Govt iPads for Learning Website – trial, app reviews etc – worth a look…, 16GB not enoughapps getting bigger etc, parent info sessions – very important – security settings – 21st Century parenting skills and strategies, File Management – biggest issue of iPad – cloud. “School elockers” a file hosting app, Lack of Flash support an issue. Trolley important for school managed devices – charge and sync – get with cabling. They are an individual device, not really shared,

Continue to research iPads/other schools use and management etc. Sort admin block wireless connectivity issue for iPhones?! Look into various apps mentioned (notes)

Kevin Honeycutt


Key points summary - Show chn a future that they might have, Relationshipstreating the scariest kid like he’s the only one you trust, Try new things – don’t wait until you’re good at it or you’ll never do it!, Helping kids manage their devices not their devices managing them, ‘Good teachers plant the seeds of trees they may not sit in the shade of’

Introduce/integrate key ideas to staff


Lisa Oldham - Library Futures


Key points summary  - Expect your library to be a PROACTIVE facilitator of knowledge, RESOURCING the curriculum, INFO LITERACY, CRITICAL THINKING , DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP, ACCESS, CELEBRATE diversity, INQUIRY, eLearning/Inquiry specialist based in library, CONSTRUCTION of deep knowledge, DIGITAL LITERACY – effective search capability, TRANSLITERACY – reading and writing across all media. . A gym doesn’t make an athlete – a library doesn’t make a learner – not how flash stuff is, it’s what is done in there by whom,  Plan for the future – understand what we wish to achieve – what do we EXPECT from library, what role does our library serve – for whom? Is it a centre of literacy? Or just a book exchange?!

Bring these concepts to the table when redesigning our ‘Cyber Suite’ area. Drive the change that needs to occur here in our school. Staff meeting on this - include librarian and show modern video clips (notes . Consider staffing options for this area.



  • Catriona Pene

    What a great resource you have shared here Tony, I can hear each of the keynotes talking as I read through your notes. These are great reminders and conversation strters. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tony Greer

    Some evidence of student learning based on a tool picked up from David Kinane's breakout - Tools to Capture Student Voice at ULearn. Children used the web 2.0 tool Audioboo to record their co-constructed poems and put straight onto their class blog. This tool was introduced to all teachers at staff meeting last week.

    (See posts dated Monday, 5 November)