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MyPortfolio in a secondary school context

ePortfolios can be described as:

An e-portfolio is an electronic format for learners to record their work, their achievements and their goals, to reflect on their learning, and to share and be supported in this. It enables learners to represent the information in different formats and to take the information with them as they move between institutions.” (Banks, 2004. p.3) (Taken from ePortfolios – Celebrating Learning, Ministry of Education 2009) ePortfolio - Celebrating Learning, Ministry of Education 2009


Aspirational descriptors in the empowering phase of the e-Learning Planning Framework (Teaching: Assessment) reads,

TEACHER CAPABILITY: Technologies are assimilated as part of evidence-based inquiry, providing ubiquitous access to learning, to engage whānau/family and connect to wider networks.

IMPACT: Students use technologies appropriately, in a continuous cycle, to support the way they set their learning goals, manage life-long portfolios and work towards becoming self-regulated learners.


So, what could this look like if secondary students are using MyPortfolio? image

This coming Wednesday (24 Oct), we are lucky enough to have Heath Sawyer from Edconnect and Jon Bowen DP from St Peter's College leading a discussion around the implementation, use, and benefits of MyPortfolio in a secondary school context. The discussion will cover:

  • school vision
  • staff PD - the process of implementing and developing MyPortfolio use
  • how MyPortfolio has enabled student centred individualised learning
  • formative feedback including use of multimedia
  • student ownership
  • NCEA gathering assessment data including: storage of artefacts, collecting selecting and presenting assessment material.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions, share your own practice, and discuss how you are using e-portfolios to individualise student learning.



Other resources include:

  • myPortfolio in the Secondary Classroom - Heather McClure shares how she has been trialing using myPortfolio to support students inquiry learning in NCEA L1 Geography. This is a great example of the way MyPortfolio can be used as a form of blended learning between home and school.
  • Tauranga Intermediate ePortfolio Journey - An excellent example of how one school has reflected on their ICT PD journey where they have captured both teachers and students voice through the use of embedded files as well as movie clips and sound bytes.
  • ePortfolios group in VLN. Join and add your experiences to this group.
  • e-Portfolios l School stories The school stories in the e-portfolios section of Enabling e-Learning provide useful information on how primary and secondary schools are using e-portfolios to share students' learning with parents.