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how to urgently convince your SLT you need an e-learning coordinator

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in this group, but I have been an avid voyeur for some time now.  My school is at the very beginning of the emerging phase on the e-learning planning framework and are trying to get things off the ground.  We have had an ICT committee for about a year now, whose main focus has been to get our SNUP prgoramme underway and endeavouring to get fibre to our school (which will be happening in the middle of next year).  Our network upgrade will be completed by the end of this year, apparently.

I also run a seperate group at our school which has been going for about 3 month now - the -e-learning Action Group', or our BEL group.  I started this because I was concerned about the fact that the school's major focus was getting technology into the school without preparing staff and students for the teaching and learning side of things.  I have a representative from almost every faculty on board, and we are making slow but steady progress in this area.

At our school we have a huge number of 'initiatives' running at any time, and I am afraid that like may others, this will become one that we had a go at, ticked a few boxes and then let slide.

For this reason, I proposed to the ICT committee that we need a person to coordinate the implementation and transition through our action plan (when we get one written) and who has the time to see that this full school initiative is given the time and attention it deserves.  All were in agreement that this role was needed, but our SLT are having trouble seeing this need as they are not yet fully aware, perhaps, of the long term teaching and learning ramifications that e-learning will have, nor of the huge amount of organisation, planning, time and monetary investment it will need.

They have asked me to draw up a job description to justify the one timetable line that I suggested this role would at least require. They have also asked me to have this done by Tuesday, because of staffing and timetabling - all of which is being started next week.  Many things are often decided due to ease of  timetabling, and I would hate for our whole e-learning drive to be lost due to this.

I am brand new to this role, and was hoping that some of you out there who are in this position at your schools would be willing to help me out by listing some of the jobs that your position requires you to do, that I don't yet know I will have to do!  I don't know what I don't know.

I thank you all in advance with my fingers crossed.



  • Karen Spencer

    Firstly, Rowan, thank you for posting and sharing your questions - I'm sure there are others in the same boat.

    There was a thread in another forum [MLE Reference group] a while back which might be useful: e-Learning positions/job descriptions and there are a few examples online, such as this one (not from NZ though): e-Learning Job Description.

    As with all these things, though, the role will need to be tailored to the needs of your school. Looking at your description, you may need someone who can:

    • facilitate the review and continued development of the schools's infrastructure
    • lead and mentor others in e-learning-related professional learning, teaching and learning - which may include developing the way this will be managed
    • liaising with the SMT to ensure that e-learning is integrated into other workstreams/strategic planning, rather than an 'add on'
    • facilitate the review of the school's progress to date to inform action planning e.g. using the e-Learning Planning Framework

    There are also some useful stories that help highlight what an e-learning leader might do in Enabling e-Learning.

    I have shared the link to this thread with a few others who might be able to help. Good luck! Smile

  • Rowan Taigel

    Hi everyone,

     Thanks for your advice and sharing of documents, you're all so generous in this time-pressured end of the year.  I managed to come up with something quite quickly when I actually just started making a list of things I thought needed to be done.  The more I wrote, the more I came up with. Anne Sturgess from Te Toi Tupu helped me with the formatting to make it look professional.  So if this, in turn can help anyone else, I'm happy to share it.  

    I have uploaded it as a word doc. to the groups files section (I hope this is ok).

  • Karen Spencer

    Thanks, Rowan - I have added the link here to your file, to make it easy for readers of this thread to find: /file/view/737734/job-description-e-learning-facilitator