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Welcome to the O365 Q&A Blog

We have a ton of ideas, but we want to hear from you. What do you want to learn about? Perhaps you're a teacher, a student, a curriculum designer, or a parent. How can we help? Leave us a comment to let us know.


  • Mike Perry

    I have no first-hand experience of O365, but having done a bit of reading and having seen a couple of online demos I'm just wondering how it fits into the range of applications etc available especially in the secondary school context. I can see that O365 competes with Google Apps for schools'/teachers'/students' attention, but how does it sit with the use of Learning Management Systems, (Moodle, KnowledgeNet etc.). Is it fair to say that O365 can do all that an LMS can do .... and more? .... and more flexibly? If so, why would a school use an LMS? On the other hand what does an LMS provide that O365 does not? 

    Also.... how free is 'free' to schools in New Zealand?

  • Arnika Brown

    Hi Pete,

    I have tried to look into Microsoft 365 in Education but I keep getting redirected to 365 for business?

    Also I thought I was dowloading a free trial the other week but it asked for my credit card details which I was not comfortable adding?


  • Sandy Anderson

    Hi there

    Arthur Miller school is a primary school and looking towards Microsoft Office365 and particularly One Note   as a way of managing a transition to  students working electronically instead of on paper  i.e. having e books perhaps set up  in One note  ? We are really novice ( naive) in our thinking at present but   one note seems to have  the capabilty of  a blog and can be private  and   only shared when  required . Trick seems to be it doesnt have a dashboard  so teachers can manage  and monitor studnets' entries- Any  wise words  from  out there ???????    SA

  • JMKellow

    Anyone out there running both GAFE and Microsoft 365? I have a school interested in doing this, they currently have GAFE and want to keep it, but unsure how this works. I understand two school domains are needed, any practical advice on this?

Microsoft Office 365 for Education   Q & A

Microsoft Office 365 for Education Q & A

Office 365 for education, Great for academic institutions that are ready to take advantage of the cloud