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Student Led ICT Conference, Feilding

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By Kate Dare

On Friday I took the TeKids to a Student Led ICT Conference in Feilding. They learnt, and extended their knowledge, about the following ICT tools: Photo Story, Moviemaker, Go Animate and Artisan Comic Maker. The children enjoyed the day and were engaged the entire time, as well as developing their skills as e-learners.

Following this conference, I will be collecting feedback from the TeKids about what they want to do with new knowledge as TeKids leaders in the school (http://mantartekids.wikispaces.com/St+James). It is important the TeKids share any new learning they have gained with other children in the school, otherwise this knowledge is wasted. Children at St James', won't just develop their e-learning skills from teachers, they will be learning from one another.

Any action following this conference will definitely involve teaching other students, but I would like the TeKids themselves to decide how to run this (with support from myself), so that they are developing their leadership, teamwork and management skills. The conference was a good opportunity for the TeKids to see other children modelling how to run workshops. This is something that the TeKids will begin to do next term; they will be running a Voice Thread workshop for the other TeKids in the Cluster, as well as presenting to parents and BOT members at the end of the year. As well as feedback about what the TeKids have learnt around ICT, I will also be collecting feedback around what they have learnt about running workshops.