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Involving Parents/Whanau in Digital Citizenship

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By Kate Dare

When we held staff PD around developing a Digital Citizenship pathway (/blog/view/699816/digital-citizenship) one thing that we focused on personalising as a staff was how we are going to inform parents about and involve them in digital citizenship. Parents of children entering the school all attend 'SUPER Start' meetings and curriculum leaders explain how literacy, numeracy etc. works at St James. We decided that as these parents are a captive audience that next year we will introduce a SUPER Start session around e-learning and digital citizenship at St James. As e-learning leader I will structure and plan this session, but it will be run by the New Entrants teachers. We also have 'Meet the Teacher' parent evenings at the beginning of the year and a whole school parent meeting when we run the 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' scheme (both of these usually have good attendance) and these will give us other opportunities where we can address digital citizenship with parents. The sharing at the 'Meet the Teacher' evenings will be planned by myself, but delivered by class teachers and I will also plan and run the session when we have the 'Keeping Ourselves Safe' evening.

Please look at our digital citizenship pathway to see how we have personalised the Parents/Whanau section: https://docs.google.com/a/stjamescatholic.school.nz/document/d/1UwBVeT3bs2di3fMvrZIW5vUrsxWd2RCuZpAiON5S14Y/edit