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Integrating e-learning

Describe what you have done within your class to work towards meeting the success indicator.

Thinking hats used in general discussion. Making sense of information and ideas through learning to summarise information found through various search engines. The key ideas then had to be triangulated before the writing of a script could be undertaken.

The process we undertook allowed the students to develop their understanding, make decisions and construct knowledge as the ‘thinking’ KC indicates

How does this activity/strategy empower your students as learners?

Success!   The ability to share new learning through an alternative medium, as well as the opportunity to enter their final product into a regional competition.

Unfortunately due to my own inexperience in this new learning and a string of unpredictable circumstances, not all students were able to successfully complete this e-learning experience.

How could you take this further?

Feedback and feed forward, followed by encouraging the students to re-film and recraft their mini documentaries using their new knowledge to create an improved product.

What evidence did you use to decide if this learning activity was successful/effective (e.g. How do you know the learning went beyond just using ICT?)

Learning to summarise information and re-write into own words. Sequencing ideas and then presenting these through initially filming, and then formatting into a final product – being a mini documentary.

This went beyond ICT as it required students to manage themselves through organising their own filming times and computer use session by booking themselves on a timetable. It also required students to participate and contribute through working together in creating their mini documentaries, or asking others to contribute through filming for those who chose to write their script alone.