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Creating a Poster using Publisher.

Describe what you have done within you class.

I linked the context of our inquiry unit to e-learning by teaching the students how to create a poster on publisher.  This poster used success criteria that we had discussed as a class and summarising information that the students had gathered during the course of the inquiry. 


How does this activity/strategy empower your students as learners.

The students worked in pairs on their posters, saved these and added as they had turns on the computers. They summarised their knowledge of the topic.  As well as this, they had to think creatively about displaying the information using success criteria we had discussed as a class. We had talked about creative commons and viewed how to use this fron the data projector and some students understood the implications of using images google.

How could you take this further?

I have used publisher as a reading rotation and an activity from the creating part of a bloom's resposne sheet.


 What evidence did you use to decide if this learning activity was successful/effective.

The completed posters, most of which look good and matched thesuccess criteria. The e-learning involved that is now learnt and can be applied to show other information. Problem solving when the students discovered they had used the poster section of publisher and all their pages were in fact 9 pages-then luckily when converting to j-peg they were fixed!

The students were engaged and able to work independently and also help others.