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Maths Evening

 On August 30 we held a parent maths evening. This involved the parents coming along to school from 6.30-7.30 to be engaged in heaps of different maths games and activities that they could do with their children back at home. Each teacher (x11) had a simple game or activity using simple resources, i.e. cards, iceblock sticks, counters... They were set out in the hall and parents came in, went to a table and played the game alongside their children and the teacher. When they had it sussed out, they moved on to another table - another game.

The big draw card was that each family that came along received a pack with an instruction sheet for every game that was there and the necessary resources included, as well as a list of safe and user friendly maths websites for those in our community with internet to explore.

Over 60 packs went out that night which was an excellent turn out and show of commitment to their children's learning. We also ran a raffle of donated prizes and of course, the barbeque was fired up for a sausage sizzle! One parent asked me, "OK, so when's the literacy evening then?" Perfect!

DSCF0255.JPG More Maths night pics