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Celebrating Inquiry Learning with Whanau

Our middle syndicate, (Rata, year 3-4) recently held a sharing session in our school hall to celebrate and share their inquiry learning this term. Other classes and parents were invited. There were;

  • digital displays and clear e-learning integration
  • models
  • diagrams
  • posters
  • interactive activities

The children were so keen to share their learning and were very confident with their understanding of the work they had produced, especially discussing their own wonderings and how they went about researching answers. This is partly due to an increased emphasis on student voice and choice in their learning.  The celebration finished up with  karakia and kai for everyone.

  Rata Inq Celebration.docx


  • Diane Mills

    That sounds wonderful and a great way to get whanau into school.  I can imagine that the students would take great pride in sharing what they have learned and of course family members get a buzz out of seeing their child's achievements.  I often think we don't attribute much importance/time to students talking about their own work and the decisions they had to make along the way.  I am sure your sharing session went some way towards helping students to think constructively about their work, how they might articulate their learning with others and of course helping to build their confidence in speaking.