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Regional ICTPD Meeting @ Fraser High in Hamilton

Yesterday Deborah Epp, one of the Project Directors for our cluster and I attended the Regional ICTPD meeting organised by Diane Mills at Fraser High School in Hamilton. It was great to see Phil Buchanan and Amy from Rangitahi College in our cluster.

Chrissie Butler talked about the importance of having access to tools that put special education students on a level playing field with their peers.  She showed some inspirational videos and explained some of the Ministry’s umbrella terms  - here are my notes.

 Chrissie and umbrella 

Janelle Riki shared her experiences of being a Maori student, another statistic who did not do well at school because she was not expected to do well.  Janelle is now completing her Masters.  She talked about the deficit theorising model we often use with students rather than the potential model. 

Janelle's slide

Dave Winter talked about Hedon and the Connected Cluster, a Hamilton area initiative to ensure a continued high level of professional development in eLearning and the ability to access things like ultrafast broadband using the economies of scale.

Warren Hall explained the Network 4 Learning in a very clear manner. I also got some pointers on the wireless network we should be installing - which was reassuring!

To finish the day, we shared our experiences of being in and ICTPD cluster with those schools in or contemplating the Blended Elearning contract. Notes

It was a great day, with thoughtful, clear speakers.  They challenged our thinking for how we use elearning in the future to support student learning.  And it was great to meet names from the VLN and twitter in person! Regional ICTPD Meeting @ Fraser High in Hamilton 2

regional ictpd meeting @Fraser High