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Feilding Cluster Student Led Conference

All our TeKids attended the Student Led Conference hosted by the Feilding Cluster at Lytton Street School. This was a fantastic opportunity for our children to learn some new tools and be part of a wider learning community. Two students from Terrace End also presented at this conference which gave them the chance to teach other students about animating using Powerpoint. It was great to see their confidence grow over the two sessions they presented and their was a marked improvement in their speaking/presenting skills. Overall, this conference was a hugely valuable learning experience for all of the TeKids. All sessions were well run and the students who led them were confident and knowledgeable. The students were fully engaged in the sessions and the environment was buzzing. The students who attended from Terrace End will be expected to prepare a presentation to share with the BOT and in a school assembly next term. This will be posted on our Mantar TeKids wiki. I will be very keen for our students to attend this conference again next year and there will be an expectation that more of our students will also present.