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Co-ordinator School Visits

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By Kate Dare Comments (4)

Over the last two terms, the co-ordinators have visited each Cluster School to work with individual teachers on their personal areas for development. Lead teachers wil reflect on the impact of these visits in the comments section of this post.


  • Jacqui Frost

    Coordinator Visit

    This visit was the guidance that I needed to get my e-learning within math and reading up and going.  It was great to be able to share my e-learning goals with Tony and to put them into perspective. With Tony’s guidance we will able to narrow down what I was wanting to achieve and clarify what my next steps were.  Tony helped me to simplify my goals to make them achievable. I was successful in putting the e-learning into my numeracy and literacy rotations, largely due to this.

    The learning that occurs now is independent and targeted to either consolidating the students knowledge or extending it.  The students are extremely positive in this aspect of learning so it has been easy to engage and motivate them.  One of the concerns I had had with the elearning had been the teaching the students how to use the sites and to choose appropriate learning levels for themselves. Tony helped me to feel ok about taking a time out to learn our rotations and how the ICT worked.  Within each multileveled grouping there are always two leaders that I know the younger students can access for ICT help. I think one of the huge benefits in a junior class is the rule following, I have not yet had a student attempt to access any other sites and as I had made sure I knew the content of the sites well, I was able to direct the students to their level of learning within each site targeted via their reading or math group and they are always on task. Rotations Rotations

    Another benefit to the visit was Tony now knowing what infrastructure we are working with and the equipment that we have.  Being able to have a conversation with him and him having the whole picture means that we are able to make better informed decisions and have more meaningful engagement for the students. 

  • Tony Greer

    Thanks for that Jacqui! Remember I'm always available to help out further and happy for you to keep in touch as to how your goals are going and discuss next steps with you as necessary. You are obviously doing great stuff in regards to your integration based goal!

  • Kate Dare

    During the co-ordinator day visits at SJS. I worked with Junior teachers to develop their knowledge of Picasa. They then used this knowledge to plan an inquiry based around digital photography and creating a photo essay, culminating in children creating a photo essay on picasa. 

    Room 10: /blog/view/723990/a-range-of-meaningful-e-learning-experiences-are-continuously-planned-for-modelled-and-used-by-students-across-the-curriculum

    Room 9:

    Isabella Higgs - Don't forget to push your chair in.jpg

    Room 7:

    Inquiry 002.jpg 

    Time was also spent developing teachers knowledge about how to effectively use ICT to support their Literacy and Numeracy programmes.

    Room 10: /blog/view/723194/meaningful-e-learning-experiences-are-planned-for-and-used-by-students

  • Sophia Douglas

    Coordinator's visit at Terrace End School.

    The coordinator’s visit to TES was very successful. We split the day so each teacher could spend some one on one time with Kate. They each had a focus which they wanted to work towards and Kate provided them with ideas to help the in the classroom. The following are comments the TES teacher’s made about the day.

    Kate was very patient and helpful.  I was very pleased with the website she provided which I linked to my class wiki. It is great for phonemes and fast words for Juniors.  She supported me with voice thread which I thought I had sorted but I came unstuck. I was going to use Te Kids to help but have not completed this. -  Jacki Watt

    This was a highlight.  She encouraged and supported my continuing learning in ICT – and together we even found out a thing or two. She refreshed my knowledge in setting up and maintaining my class wiki.  Many of her ideas and support is evident in my class wiki. - Lisa Inglis


    Kate’s visit: - Making Digital animation with objects like toys.

    I experimented with an extension group who put some of these ideas into their own simple powerpoints. We showed our combined tractor powerpoint which the children loved. They have used free time to often explore powerpoint because of this. - Rebecca guy


    Well worthwhile. She was another expert I could spend time with on a one to one basis.  Her manner was great – she portrayed that she was a learner too. – Kris Funnell