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TEKids Session 8

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By Tony Greer Comments (1)

This session focused on cyber-bullying, with the children having to apply their information literacy skills to develop their knowledge on this area. Children used a range of websites, but are unable to alter searches effectively to speed up the process triangulation. They also worked in pairs or individually, they did'nt choose to work collaboratively to speed up the process. Prehaps next time we could set up a google doc for children to record collaboratively on to promote this. Children were skilled using the web 2.0 and embedding them, they have really become confident in doing this. This is an improvement from the beginning of the year.

It has been effective this year to switch sessions between giving children choice and focusing on one "flashy" skill, so that children have choice but also develop high quality skills. It is really important to have time to scaffold how to use tools effectively.


  • Sophia Douglas

    Plus – Positives

    Minus - Negatives



    Got to use different Web 2   tools

    Choice of tools

    Learnt   new facts

    We   liked to use:

    Spicy nodes (we knew how to use it)

    Prezi (easy to use, lots of variety   and the ability to be creative)

    Blabberise   (it’s funny)

    Topic was interesting


    Not finishing in time

    Wordle –   we had user issues

     Blabberise   (short recording time)

    Girls are targeted more than   boys

    Moderating   sites

    Not   many people report cyber bullying – we use our own common sense to know what   should be and shouldn’t be reported.

    All   bullying is hurtful.