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Putting it all together

It is hard to focus on one particular lesson at the moment as all my classes are doing larger project based work.

A real focus for me over the last term has been integrating a lot of different applications or tool into my lessons. My year twelve EAP class are currently working several assessments at once and hopefully (fingers crossed) finishing them over the next few weeks. I have been using moodle to pull together resources for students who are completing a portfolio of writing. I have created topic questions which have a group of internet or uploaded resources which the students can use to gather information for their writing. There are also templates students can use to plan and links to useful websites for mindmapping etc. This has helped me because students are able to work independently on topics that interest them and it frees up my teaching time so I am able to have more of a one on one tutorial type lesson.

All students have access to skydrive (MSN google docs) and use it to write their pieces and then share them with me. It has had its limitations in that I have a lot of difficulty with format, and dpwnloading copies to my computer, plus the version of word is too simple. On the otherhand it does give me quick access to the students work and I am able to keep tabs on what students have done. We often sit together and can both view the document and follow changes. Students are still learning and will sometimes come to class and ask if I checked their work, but without an e-mail from them I don't always know to go and check it. So a better system of alerts would help me.

With this class, we seem to have stepped out of the classroom, in that we are in contact more often through e-mail and facebook. Which is good and bad. The students who are motivated are using the tools well and giving me too much work, those that aren't get lost sometimes and begin to float without the structure of a classroom lesson.

I see ways that I could build on this for next year and realise striking a balance between classroom teaching and this blended approach is important.