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Daily Five

At our school we have implemented Daily Five. The dailys are five reading behaviours with clear expectations around the way the childern self manage. I am interested in developing our knowledge around the apps available that will support us on ipads. We are just beginning to trail ipads only for our Juniors, at this stage, and I would like to find apps that specifically target the word work activitiers that support strategy development in reading. Is there any one who has any info regarding this?


  • Tania

    You may like to check out this blogpost from Hey Milly.  I know Amanda has been using iPads in her class and have seen great posts about storytelling apps she is using such as puppet pals.  You may like to get in touch with her for further detailsLaughing  Send her a comment on her blog.  Good luck.

  • Tania

    and sorry forgot to add this link to Amanda's iPad posts.

  • Susan Allomes

    Thanks Tania I will follow that up.

  • Colleen Ferguson

    I am really interested in introducing the Daiy Five to my junior class teachers. Where is the best place to start and is there somewhere we can get this information in an easy to follow format. One class has ipads so would like some ideas for year 1.

  • Amanda

    Hi Colleen - the best suggestion is that you have a look at the Daily 5 book and the CAFE book to start with.  It gives you the best idea of what it entails and how it works.  Daily 5 is the management side of things, where CAFE looks at the conferring - or independent conferencing.  You can also check out the 2 Sisters webpage here: http://www.the2sisters.com/  They are the ladies who started the format and wrote the books, so there is a lot of information here to help.

    There are some great kiwis that you can get in touch with who are amazing Daily 5ers!  Judy McK is really helpful and was great to talk to when I was starting out.  Her class blog is here: http://openthedoortob4.blogspot.co.nz/ and it has some great information.  There is a great chat on twitter called the #d5chat where educators from the world get together to share information and ideas.  If you're not on twitter you can still follow it here: http://hashtags.org/d5chat 

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.  There are loads of people using Daily 5 or CAFE in some form, so I'm sure they will be willing to help out as well.

    @Susan - if I can help with anything iPad based as well, just ask via here or on my blog.  More than happy to help out if I can! Smile

  • hbmartel@gmail.com


    I also use the Daily 5 - check out my blog on room17pinehill.blogspot.co.nz

    Some apps that I use are: spelling city, hangman, wordfinds, scrabble, wordfoto, imagechef.  I don't know how old your class are - mine are Year 3s.  They seem to like the first 2 most.


  • sue allomes
    • Thanks Helen, I love your blog and will share with the teachers in our school. We have found that to have word work activities that specifically support the strategies the children are working on, based on CAFE needs, have required planning that is very specific.
    • We are now considering setting up the reading room under CAFE , comprehension, accuracy,  fluency and extending vocab, so teachers can find resources that support specific stategies, reasonably easily.
    • We are intending to introduce ipads as well into the Junior Rooms. We already have laptops and desk tops ( PCs') but can use more. Study ladder is very useful. We are also building up manipulation and spelling, word activities that involve collaboration as well.
  • Jeanette Hinerangi Eruera Murphy

    Hi Sue...

    I put this post in 'another blog' but am pasting it here hoping you or others will offer suggestionsUndecided

    Kia Ora

    I've moved back into classroom practice after 3 year's as a Cluster Facilitator and have started implementing (like Sue Allomes who has recently posted) the Daily 5 with twenty seven very diverse Y5-Y6 students. We have renamed it Weekly Five.

    While our school does not have ipads (so apps are not yet applicable), I am on the outlook for a literacy based simulated e-mail programme where students can place their journal work to an online internal space, peers are able to comment real-time as feedback and feed forward, I can observe at an instant what is happening and also e-mail/comment as they do.

    We joined Kidscapism about three week's ago which students (moreso the reluctant writers) really loved because they were assessing each other as peers.  Unfortunately I found quite a number of technical gliches with Kidscapism so we're on the outlook for another webspace that will suit our needs.  Can anyone help?

  • Jill Hammonds

    Hi Jeanette,

    I don't know how I happened to miss the fact that people had started using this blog area in the community - I guess the notifications just got lost in a load of other VLN notifications when I was busy on the road.  Last year was a very busy travel year, and at this stage I mostly used the community as a dumping ground for resources I had prepared when working in schools.  This year I am hoping to spend much more time at home and busy in this space - I keep hoping but it hasn't become reality yet.  However, Mary-Anne Murphy and I have now found out more about how we can have control of the navigation (not intuitive in this environment) and will begin spending more time in here.

    To get back to your query if it is still at all relelvant, I wonder if you have thought of using Posterous - you can find out more about it at http://posterous.com or there is more information on a wiki of mine (now in need of updated screenshots) at http://blogalong.wikispaces.com/Set+up+Blog

    Posterous works like a blog and you can set up the design theme etc, but you can email in entries so it makes it very accessible for teachers and students.  You can set up multiple addresses that can post, or make it completely open but requiring moderation before posts appear.  Likewise with comments.  If you want to include pictures in the post you just attach them to the email, and to embed media such as Youtube videos or voicethreads etc you just paste in the url of the page where the content is found and it grabs the embed code and sets it all up for you.  SOOOOO simple.

    If you are still out there and check this out do let us know back in here how you find it.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Kate Reid-Watson


    My kids (year 1 and 2) and I at the beginning of term 4 last year incorporated the daily 5 as apart of our routine in literacy. We talked together about the menus of activities that would be appropriate for each area. I was amazed at the conversations children were having even at their young age.  They absolutely loved it and I was amazed at the kids who excelled in directing their own learning. They especially loved the eekk reading. They loved doing the activities on the Ipads and we were learning to take screenshots of work as their evidence. We set up different areas in the class where the children wanted/could work.  The Daily 5 book and the CAFE book were extremely helpful and I found many blogs of other classes journeys into this.  blogpost from Hey Milly was helpful.