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Animation Workshop at Hokowhitu

As a staff we attended workshops in animation.  We split into two groups, one group did animating powerpoint and the other group did 'I can animate'. In the 'I can animate' session we made a short animation using an ipod with some simple staging and farm animals.  We learnt that this was really very easy, and we really like 'apple'. There is a real variety of ways to do it and media to use.  This also means that they can do it at home. We found this to be a simple tool that has a high impact for our students.  In our classroom next term we are going to write original, simple stories and then animate them as well as retelling well-known stories using this tool.  These will be posted on our class blogs.

The other workshop was using animated powerpoint. One staff member was already skilled with this tool and the other two found it easy to use.  It was noticed that this was a labour intensive tool and we wondered whether it was classroom friendly with a large number of photos needed with large groups of students. This became evident the following day in the Senior class when the teacher shared her effort and the children were really keen to have a go. They spent a lot of time on the plot and followed the instructions carefully.  The students were innovative and stuck with the task.  However, the time ran out and they have had to wait for the next week to make the actual animation. 

Following this discussion (about the barriers) one of our staff members showed the teachers that were in that workshop a simple and time effective way of inserting a large amount of pictures into powerpoint by using photo album.