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Howling Mouse

Soooooo cute!  That's my initial gut reaction to Howling Mouse from the National Geographic Society.  And it's one of those cases where it's so 'game-like' that, on first pass, you're completely oblivious to the learning.  But it's there!

Howling Mouse is a basic, jumpy, platformer.  Your mission...rescue your Howling Mouse babies.  But along the way, you learn about this cute little creature's habitat, what it eats, about its rival on the food chain, and it's primary predator (top left in the picture above...look out Howly!)

Phew!  That was close.

Howling Mouse was created in Dunedin, NZ, by Tim Nixon and the Runaway Play crew.  It's purpose...to raise awareness about the delicate ecology surrounding this cute little creature, and to have people interact with (rather than passively observe...or ignore) nature from the comfort of their iPad.

And, as I mentioned above, you learn some stuff along the way.




I did not know that!


So...has Howling Mouse succeeded as a learning tool?  Yes.  It gave me a great overview of this adorable beastie's existence, and spurred me to find out more about him/her...not sure of the gender exactly.  I'm rescuing baby mice so I guess it's a her.  Jury's out on that one.  Anyways, a great start to a research unit on animals and their environments.

Oh yeah, and did I mention that Howling Mouse is FREE?  Well, the first level is.

Enjoy and learn!

Click on this image to download 'Howling Mouse'