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Ministry of Education Releases Revised Handbook for Gifted and Talented

imageRevised 2012 Gifted and Talented handbook live on TKI

This week, 6-13 August, is International Week of the Gifted and is being celebrated by organisations and communities around the globe. In many ways, there couldn’t be a better context in which to announce that the updated Gifted and Talented ‘handbook,’ more correctly known as Gifted and Talented Students: Meeting Their Needs in New Zealand Schools, has now been completed and is available from the TKI website.

Traditionally, ‘giftedness’ and talent have been narrowly recognised in intellectual contexts. However, the “gifted and talented” description applies to a wide range of abilities and qualities that are evident in every demographic. This includes different ethnic, cultural, socioeconomic, gender and disability groups. 

As the handbook indicates, some students may have exceptional abilities in science or technology, some in art or poetry, and still others in social leadership. Spiritual, emotional and group giftedness are acknowledged in a broad and wide-ranging concept of giftedness that values many areas, including cultural knowledge, skills, and customs, alongside values, beliefs and qualities.

In this context the handbook sets out the following vision:

Gifted and talented learners are recognised, valued, and empowered to develop their exceptional abilities and qualities through equitable access to differentiated and culturally responsive provisions.

We have seen examples of wonderful progress in recent years and we need to continue to support New Zealand schools, teachers and communities to assist gifted and talented students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially.

 The revised handbook has been updated to include:

  • An updated set of principles for gifted and talented education that are aligned to the NZ curriculum
  • Greater guidance for defining gifted and talented from a NZ perspective, including Maori and Pasifika concepts based on NZ practice and research
  • NZ-developed self-review tools for determining effectiveness and targeting areas for development
  • Links to a range of NZ-based resources, including the tki website and tki mailing list
  • A continuum of provisions for gifted and talented learners, including examples of NZ practice in schools

This resource has been specifically designed to assist schools and, particularly, those with responsibility for gifted and talented learners, in identifying gifted and talented students and developing differentiated provisions to match their needs. It highlights principles and practices that support the education of gifted and talented students and presents models and New Zealand-based research that schools can refer to as they review and develop their own approaches to meeting the needs of these learners.

 You can view or download the resource online from the TKI website: http://gifted.tki.org.nz/For-schools-and-teachers More information about International Week of the Gifted is available through the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children: http://www.world-gifted.org/news. 2013 is the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity and New Zealand will be hosting the World Conference on Gifted and Talented (held in Auckland in August 2013). Learn more about the conference by following the link.



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