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Te Kids Session 7

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By Kate Dare Comments (1)

This session focused on developing children's knowledge of digital footprint. They enjoyed googling the teachers, but their knowledge of this is still developing. This is something that we will need to revisit. It was difficult to get many responses from children during discussions. It was positive to see that children chose from a range of tools to present their learning. Children seemed to have forgotten previous learning about creative commons. We need to make the next session as relevant as we can to what the children are doing online, prehaps looking at the Digital Citizenship will help with this.



  • Sophia Douglas

    Student PMI.




    Choose   the Web tool.

    Freedom   to choose how to present the information.

    Learnt   something new.




    Technology difficulties.

    Copyright was an issue.

    Skills   had been forgotten.

     Different things about our teachers.

    Used   new tools.

    Learnt   about digital footprints.