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Webinar: Science in the classroom - unpacking the Science Learning Hub

Today's webinar (2 August, 2012) Science in the classroom - unpacking the Science Learning Hub was hosted by Mary Loveless and Joy Kitt. They both took us on a virtual tour of the Science Learning Hub, where we got to explore (first-hand) contexts for science activities - through carefully stepped instructions, supported by video, photos and animations. 

The first thing that struck me when Mary presented an overview of the Science Learning Hub, was how rich and layered the digital resource was. Having a virtual guided tour was invaluable.

                                               Science Hub home page

Joy was able to walk us through ways to navigate Science Hub in a classroom context. Some great ideas emerged such as: 

  1. Explore - take time as a teacher to get to know this resource, have a good look around.
  2. Think about the Science Learning Hub in terms of what your students are interested in, their localised contexts, areas of interest and need.
  3. Use in a variety of ways in flexible learning opportunities to meet diverse learner's needs. Joy demonstrated a blended approach, between a real science table and a virtual science table.
  4. Teaching and learning approaches can include teacher guided instruction and opportunites for independent exploration.
  5. Links with other digital resources.

Some of the participants who attended this webinar - were there as a whole staff. Accessing the recording of this webinar means, you and your colleagues and get the benefit of this presentation too.

For more on-going conversations and tips about science with Joy and Mary, go to Science: a blended e-learning approach