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Collaborative Whiteboards

imageI've been playing with an app called groupboard. Seems simple enough to set up with your mac and share a common webspace with up to 5 users on the free version. I had 2 ipads, laptop and iphone connected. Works well in real time, simple tools that are easy to use and allows pictures to be added. Whiteboards can be saved and embedded.

When setting up you create a room and password for guests. In the ipad app you enter the room number at the end of the url and the user password to access. In the app tools you can even name your device to show which are your contributions.

Nice app and worth a look if other apps are not working out for you. also easy to share the collboration on a projector or big screen tv through on ipad or the laptop etc.


  • Louise Tredinnick

    James, if you can also use the laptop, can you then have the laptop's working screen showing up on the interactive whiteboard, since the laptop is connected to the Smartboard?  

  • James Rea

    I would assume so. Haven't tried it out but can't see why it wouldn't work. Laughing