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Our Kids Can Film Festival Movie

This is our digital story for the Kids Can Film Festival.

Our Brief was changes, we had a day and a half to do some learning around this with our kids, so it was a very focussed time!

Tongue out

THere were seven 5 and six year olds, some have only been at school for 2 Terms!

Our Big understanding was:

That people change over time

Our Context was:

Seasons (The kids came up with this - They used iMindMap to build some ideas around changes and this theme was prevalent)

Our 'Provocative Questions were:

Do people only change physically over time?

If we change as the seasons change can we change the seasons?  (We didn't have enough time to tease this one out further)

The entire movie was created on the iPad 2.  We collected our ideas using iMindmap and storyboarded our movie in comic life.  We editing photos using the free PhotoShop Express App, We made the music in GaragBand and we mixed the final movie in iMovie for the iPad.

Enjoy their story. (This is not a 'Narrative', but a digital story completed by 5 and 6 Year olds)

Kids Can Film Festival



  • Enabling e-Learning

    A great example of harnessing the technology to explore and express an inquiry. Did the students get on to the BIG question of, can we change ourselves?!Wink

    Which part of the process made the most impact on their thinking?

  • Isaac Day

    No. We ran out of time to really get into depth. Smile

    They were so enamored with the iPads that we used a lot of prior knowledge for our learning.  The part that had the most impact iMO was the mindmapping as they explained why they used certain branches, or organised their thoughts in different ways.