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Response to VPLD & DA Hui - Christchurch 2012

My initial reaction to my attendance at this two day hui was - "WOW - these people are doing it!"

I was super impressed by the work of many of the presenters and will need to take time for greater reading (of my notes), research and reflection.

In the mean time my initial response by video is below.

(WARNING - video values are low - I am after all learning this 'stuff'.

<a href="http://videobam.com/UDPUg" target="_blank"><img src="http://videobam.com/storage/1/thumbs/u/ud/UDPUg/current.jpg" alt="VideoBam.com"></a><br />Powered by <a href="http://videobam.com" target="_blank">VideoBam - Free Video Hosting</a>


Cheers - Barry.