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myPortfolio in the Secondary Classroom

Hi there,

I've been trialing using myPortfolio to support students inquiry learning in NCEA L1 Geography. Students have been using myPortfolio as both a textbook and a workbook with some good results.

I have written up the results of my action research here: http://myportfolio.school.nz/view/view.php?t=C0RJM9qPcpG5fjTZ6x8d


  • Merryn Dunmill

    Awesome Heather. I've been interested in Csikszentmihalyi's flow theory and tried to use it in my own teaching. The student voice examples are strong. This is great action research that is clearly impacting on teaching and learning, helping students realise their potential. Keen to see more!



  • Tessa Gray

    Hi there Heather, thank you for being so generous and sharing you research with us.

    The Dairy Farm Field Trip is a clear example of blended learning (mixing of face-to-face interventions with technology based instruction) and at its best.

    I have also appreciated reading your pedagogical rationalisation for choosing MyPortfolio - in terms of its ability to archive resources, share digital artifacts, as well as the social networking aspect of co-constructing learning. 

    There's always a challenge in assessing the value/impact of e-learning tools, or guaging, 'how much learning as occurred', due to the platform used. In that regard, it has been rewarding to read student comments - that showed how much they valued the opportunity to have choices with their own learning pathways - where, when, how and with whom. This also reflects the fllpped classroom model for authentic learning at home.


    Again, thanks Heather, I look forward to reading more in your action research cycle 2. 

    In the meantime, you might be interested in joining Heath Sawyer and Jon Bowen DP (24 Oct, 3.45-4.45pm) online as they discuss the implementation, use, and benefits of MyPortfolio in a secondary school context. You can register here: MyPortfolio in the classroom. Your contributions would be an added bonus Smile