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Looking at Wireless?

Hi all, 

We are a late adopter of wireless within our school (not necessarily a bad thing) and I am hoping to learn from those who have recently moved/ long term wireless users. If anyone could answer the following questions/ comment on them it would be excellent.

My email is mwilson@shgcham.school.nz if its easier to contact me that way. I was going to use a Google form but this way lets other sees the discussion. Thanks in advance!

What was the learning problem(s) that you were trying to solve and made you invest in wireless?

Who have you used as a wireless consultant? Did you find this consultant useful? Would you recommend them to others?

What brands have you gone with? Are you happy with this choice?

What devices are you using on your network?

How did you gain community buy-in with your wireless/ Byod upgrade?

If you were to do this exercise again, is there anything you would do differently?

How has the use of wireless changed teaching and learning here?



  • Mike Etheridge

    Learning Problems: Lack of access to school resources for access to reference material, mainly, but increasingly for access to school moodle during class time. Interesting development.

    Consultant: you mean salesman. DMML

    Brands: settled on Ubiquiti. Real happy. They have "disruptive pricing", but pro product

    Devices: Laptops, netbooks, iOS and Android tablets and phones

    Buy-in: if you build it, they will come is current approach. Not advertising/promoting BYOD until coverage complete. (Not there yet)

    Do it again?: Hindsite a wondeful thing. Roll out taken over a year, tech moves on, "if I knew then what I know now"always applies. Go for dual band, maybe? Time will tell on this one.

    Changes in teaching and learning: a bit early to assess. Watch this space

  • Mike Wilson

    Thanks Mike, excellent.