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Essay Writing Myths Debunked

There are a lot of things that we need to know more about essay writing. It's better to know first the basic things before we could finally jump to writing itself. Some people have these beliefs about essay writing. And there are myths which aren't really true. Maybe some are, but most of them are misunderstood by many people. That's why we don't need to believe everything that we hear. They shouldn't be baseless and should be supported by facts.

Here are some of the myths about essay writing:

1. Writing should be unambiguous.

2. You must have something to say in order to write.

3. Writing can be done to order.

4. Writing is a solitary activity.

5. Writing is speech plus spelling and punctuation.

We are writing simply because we have something to say. Basically, thought comes first and we write to have something to say later on. With this, we have to be able to satisfy our minds before we could finally write and have something to say. Moreover, writing is not a speech. These are two different concepts. And it is given that when you write, spelling and punctuation should all be correct. This includes grammar, paragraphing, capitalization, indention, layout and so forth. Properly and correctly written write-ups are easy to be understood by the readers then.

Writing requires other people to stimulate discussion. This is not to argue about a certain topic, but to have something to discuss with. In order for you to get a feedback about what you've written. And this is good, so that you'll know what the readers have to say.